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Illogical games is a game development company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Person behind Illogical games is Amarul Natenan, the developer and also the owner. If you noticed we said "us", while there's only one person behind Illogical games. Its to make us sound like we're a big company. But we're not, our office is also our bedroom. Noticed that we said "our" instead of "my"?


We try to control world population with our games, deploy mass character control on the population. That's the plan, but as we progress, we found out we cant force everyone to like our games. But if that happen, we will broadcast our mind control program through our games and force people to buy more of our games. But, that wont happen. Until then, we use the traditional way to distribute our games. That's why you must tell everyone about us. So we can reach our goal faster!


To achieve our vision, we learnt the hard way that people don't like to be forced to play our games. we needed more logical approach to make people to like our games. We found out that making great game guarantees to increase the probability of the people to tell other people about our games by about 15%. 

Contact Us

Any enquiry regarding our games could be done by emailing us.