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Fantasy Mage got picked up by

Last night, I uploaded a new game play trailer to youtube and then when i woke up, something's really weird happens. The video received 200 views! I try to figure out why the sudden 200 views while I have done nothing to promote that video.

The only video I promoted is the first one, so this ones getting more views than the first one is really boggles my mind. then I ignored it as I'm busy updating the Fantasy Mage's Steam greenlight page.

Then when I embed the youtube trailers to the steam greenlight, the view increased to 600 views! then I know there must be something going on but I'm not sure yet. and since this is rare, I dont know how to find out where is this traffic coming from. I checked the analytics on youtube but it says I need to wait for couple of days after upload before the analytics can be viewed. then it struck my mind, I tried googling Fantasy Mage and guess what i found. (you already knew dont you?) yes the title spoiled the surprise for you.

So Fantasy Mage got its audience even before i started the marketing campaign for it. this is a good signs. the feedbacks at are very good, lot of people are looking forward for Fantasy Mage. im really excited.

Also, it got reviewed by toucharcade!! anyone from the industry knows how big this is. A review by toucharcade is very hard to get. They are like the big ticket for exposure in the appstore. this is a good news for me.

heres the article about Fantasy Mage. 

Alright, get back to work.

Fantasy Mage Trailers

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Fantasy Mage screenshots

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Fantasy Mage development

Hi guys,

We would like to introduce our next game which is just passed the development phase. The game is titled "Fantasy Mage". It's a 3d action RPG games set in medieval village with the main character is a young mage. You, as the young mage must defend the village against incoming armies of skeletons that is spawned to destroy the village.

When we initially develop Fantasy Mage, we plan to make it as a simple shooter games. but as we develop the game, we added a lot more features than we initially planned.

Now as the development phase has finished, we'll be focusing on promoting and marketing the game until we decided the release date for the game. The game is planned to be available on IOS, Android, Windows Store/Phone, PC, Mac, and Steam.

We'll enter Steam greenlight as soon as we got all the marketing materials prepared. When the game hits the Steam greenlight, we need all your support you can give us, so please head to steam greenlight and upvote Fantasy Mage.

Thank you.

Website make over

It's the time again which the website got updated. It's usually when we developed a new game, the website gets an overall make over. Except that this time, we stick to the old blogger template. The theme this time is "simplicity". maybe its because I'm too lazy to customize the website.

From now on I try to update our progress onto this website as often as possible.