Fantasy Mage development

Hi guys,

We would like to introduce our next game which is just passed the development phase. The game is titled "Fantasy Mage". It's a 3d action RPG games set in medieval village with the main character is a young mage. You, as the young mage must defend the village against incoming armies of skeletons that is spawned to destroy the village.

When we initially develop Fantasy Mage, we plan to make it as a simple shooter games. but as we develop the game, we added a lot more features than we initially planned.

Now as the development phase has finished, we'll be focusing on promoting and marketing the game until we decided the release date for the game. The game is planned to be available on IOS, Android, Windows Store/Phone, PC, Mac, and Steam.

We'll enter Steam greenlight as soon as we got all the marketing materials prepared. When the game hits the Steam greenlight, we need all your support you can give us, so please head to steam greenlight and upvote Fantasy Mage.

Thank you.


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